Cocker Spaniel Questions

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Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/12/2005
My 2 yr. old black Cocker Spaniel had his anal glands removed after having continuous infections, squeezing etc. Now I notice that he is running around like his tail is on fire, going around in circles, trying to lick his tail. He has been to two vet says that he has checked him & nothing is wrong...suggested it might be in his head. I know differently. He is in pain and something is wrong. He was adopted from a shelter aout a year ago. Any suggestions? I'm desperate.

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5/10/05 Sometime fleas tend to gather at the base of the tail (where the tail attaches to the body) and migrate around the tail area. If a flea bites him on the tail, it is usually a difficult place for them to reach and they will go round and round trying to "itch" it by nipping it with their teeth. Just a thought.....fleas can be very hard to see on a black dog. Be sure you are using a good flea preventative (Advantage or Frontline), not the over-the-counter products from a pet store. And, de-flea his bedding, carpets/rugs, etc. weekly. Another thought is: was a fecal exam done by the vet to be sure the dog does not have any type of worms? Debbie Ky-Ann Cockers Olympia, WA Debbie
Ky-Ann Cockers