Cocker Spaniel Questions

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Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/29/2007
what is the best kind of bed to purchase for a cocker spaniel?

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6/7/08 For any dog, a bed that can easily be washed is best. Some fancy beds are made of foam in an oval shape with a cover that comes off for washing, but once you wash the cover it shrinks and does not always fit well afterward. PLUS, if a dog wets on it's bed (which can happen) you cannot put the entire foam bed in the washing machine. I like Perla Beds, plastic oval beds in different sizes that keep the pet off the cold floor and all you do is add washable bedding. My dogs love a child-sized sleeping bag with flannel inside. Unzip it all the way, fold it in half with the flannel side out then fold it again so it is a square shape and place it in the Perla Dog Bed. The dogs can dig in it and snuggle down. They love it more than a bed that is flat or they can't dig it into a big pile to sleep on. The child-size sleeping bag is easy to launder and very fluffy/cushy for the dogs. Here is their website: Debbie
Ky-Ann Cockers