Cocker Spaniel Questions

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Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/20/2006
My female buff cocker spaniel just had a litter of pups. The sire is black. We got a suprising variety of colors including a solid white one. I have never heard of a white one. I have tried to research this but am having no luck. Is this considered silver? Thank you Denise

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10/27/06 Denise, There is a registerable color called cream...there is also Silver. True silver's normally look grayish blue when born (their coat will be light) but their skin will have a bluish gray appearance and almost look as though they are lacking oxygen. The skin will stay a grayish black or "blue" color if the pup is a true silver. Also the pads of the feet will be black and they will have black eye rims and black nose. Hope this helps! Sheila Bowman Sheila
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12/5/06 I have a red female and a buff male. Three of their puppies together are white. It is pretty unusual to have a black sire, then end up with a solid white puppy. I bet the color changed by now, right? Jacqueline
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9/16/07 Presently, there is a picture of Misty on my website. She is on the puppy page, the mother of a litter. She is silver and I believe that one of her puppies is going to be silver with no saddle coat (the coat on the back that usually turns a little darker at about 4 to 6 months). They come from a recessive gene. This line has produced alot of champaine and cream and a very few silvers. Lorenne
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