Cocker Spaniel Questions

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Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/11/2004
what really goes on in a cocker spaniel's brain? are they more intelligante then we give them credit for? what do they think at regular times? how dose their brain react to diffrent words? and why do they tend to listen to words but not others?

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9/15/07 They are much more intelligent then we give them credit for! Cockers were originally used for hunting...... Some research has been done with dogs, diagnosising skin cancer on humans, with better accuracy then doctors and their lab tests. They know when one of their puppies has problems and will put it to the side to die. I tried repeatedly with one of my mothers and a puppy that she set to the side. I would put it on a tit and she would look me straight in the eyes and remove the puppy and place it to the side and stare at me again....She was still loving to it.... I took the puppy and raised it myself. It developed with the others, started walking, then began to cry all the time. It started dragging his back feet and lost his ability to walk. The soft spot had closed and he had water on the brain. The mother know what she was doing!! Cockers can be spiteful, if, mistreated physically or verbally. They will pee or poop on belongings of the person doing the mistreatm Lorenne
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