Brittany Questions

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Brittany Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/15/2004
I needed to know what kind of hunting Brittany's are. Do they point? Flush? Swim? What type of hunting would they be good at? Are they a good family dog? Kids????

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9/27/04 Brittanys are traditionally trained as a pointing dog, mostly used on upland game birds, but can and do light duty as waterfowel retrievers in mild weather. Smaller than most of the retriever breeds do not expect them to do hard ice breaking chores. If introduced properly during the warmer months of the year, most Britanys will love water even in the cooler months. Generally good family dogs, often youngsters are rather exhuberant and with proper training will settle much earlier than the normal 2 year time, some are always active and will need some kind of work on a regular basis to channel this "love of life". Basically with any dog what you put into it will be what you get back in return. Goldie
Wyngold Brittanys (American or French Lines)