Brussels Griffon Questions

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Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/4/2005
Does it sheed? Is it good with kids? How big does it get?

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5/14/05 No, not really. If you want their coat to be kind of corse (desired for show) you will pull out the hairs (hand stripping). They come out fairly easy and they dont seem to mind it. My kids are older but my daughter baby sits almost every weekend, ages 1, 7, 10 and every one gets along just great. Size varies from about 6-12 lbs. It really depends on the parents and pedigree. I have 3 girls, the smallest being just under 4lbs and my largest a little over 8lbs. The dad is 6lbs. Hope I answered all of your questions. Kelly
6/18/05 Yes, Both coat types shed. Regular brushing greatly minimizes shedding. Toy dogs are usually not appropriate for small children. Very young children can injure the dog without realizing it because of the small size. All dogs and kids need supervision. My children and grandchildren respect the Griffies by leaving them alone when they want to get away from playing and to be in a quiet corner or their bed. It's essential to educate all children to practice safety around all dogs. i.e. Do not attempt to take a bone or feed away from a dog, approach slowly, crouch down so you do not appear as a threat. don't run unless it is a dog you know wants to play at running. As with all living things, care and respect are essential. My Griffies are very excited when kids come to visit. They jump up and down wagging their tails because there is someone new to play with. I always supervise and do not leave the dogs and kids alone unless they are kids I know well and have observed how they Marlene
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