Brussels Griffon Questions

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Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/6/2005
My daughter has a 4-yr old male griffon and after she moved to her own apartment, the dog has been so protective of her that anybody in the same room could potentially be attached. Some triggers that I noticed are whenever anybody gets near my daughter that he might think of a threat or picking up an object near his food. I'm been bitten several times. When my daughter is not around, he's OK with me. But again once another person like my son, gets in the same room, either I or my son becomes the master he protects. There's no guarantee who he picks. Can this problem be eliminated? And if so, how?

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5/14/05 Sorry I didnt reply earlier. I was in a bad accident and havent been able to really keep up with emails until now. Are you still having this problem? If so, please let me know and I will call you. This is a "pack" issue and your daughter will need to handle if very carefully. Kelly
6/18/05 This is not acceptable behavior for any dog. Griffies are usually not biters but they do love their family with every cell in their body. I suggest your daughter grab him, roll him over on his back, hold him there while yelling "No bite!" There is info on dog training sites on the net. Brussels Griffons are very sensitive dogs. I do not correct harshly except for truly dangerous behavior. Biting is a behavior that requires prompt and consistent correction. I wonder how this male was socialized? Griffies need early and frequent exposure to many different people, kids, sights, sounds. Has she taken him to any obedience classes? I recommend puppy classes for all new Griffy owners. Your vet may be able to recommend a trainer or an animal behavorist who specializes in this behavior. My first reaction is this boy was not socialized early on except with immediate family. The move upset him, he is being territorial. Is he neutered? Marlene
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