Brussels Griffon Questions

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Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/17/2005
What is the difference in appearance between rough and smooth coats??? What are the most common-- rough or smooth??? Which coat does the dog in "As Good As It Gets" have???

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2/5/05 Hi! A smooth coated Brussels Griffon has a coat similar to a Pug while a rough coated Brussels Griffon has longer hair and a trade mark beard like the dog in "As Good As It Gets". Rough coats tend to be more popular so in turn, more common. Kelly
6/18/05 Hi, Some additional information: Smooth coats are easier to groom. A quick brushing every day or so keeps them looking very nice. Usually Smooth coats have a richer, darker color. Rough coats need regular grooming. To have a coat that is rich in texture and color, one must hand strip the coat. The coat can be clippered but it will result in a softer texture and a lighter texture. A rich, wiry texture coat is part of the AKC breed standard so show roughs are hand stripped. Most pet owners clip their roughs. Both coat types shed. Marlene
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