Brussels Griffon Questions

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Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/22/2006
I have a female Griff that will be 2 yrs. old in June. We have been showing her. I was called by the breeder this week, her daddy was shipped to the midwest to be introduced into another blood line as a stud. The woman that took him had him vet checked, he was found to have cataracts. He was nutered immediately and placed in a "pet" home. The breeder suggested I have my dog checked out which I am going to do on Friday. Do Griffs usually have cataracts? Just because the daddy has them is there a good chance mine will have them? If she does have them do I need to have surgery? I understand it's about $3,000 to have both eyes done? Any answers will be greatly appreciated. I am a wreck over this. Hopefully she will be clear.

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