Bull Terrier Questions

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Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/30/2009
I'm currently looking around for the right breeder and plan on owning my own, solid white, akc registered male bull terrier. I will be able to afford the puppy, but why do they cost so much? Even if they aren't a show quality dog?

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11/1/09 All purebred dogs come with their own set of health issues. Bull Terriers have heart and kidney disease. Before mating the sire and dam are both fully health tested including echocardiogram for heart function, UPC ratio for kidney function, BAER(usually done when a pup), Patella luxation. These tests will cost about 500.00 or more to get done. Breeding good quality healty dogs is expensive. I do all over the U.S. showing my dogs. We never make money on puppies, as the money goes back into showing the dogs, which is an expensive hobby. Bull Terriers are also not a breed for everyone. They tend to get into trouble by eating something they shouldnt and having an intestinal blockage. It can be expensive breed to own because of those things. They can also have skin issues. They need to be fed a good quality holistic diet to keep the skin and coat in the best condition possible. When looking for a breeder, I would suggest going the the Bull Terrier Club of America website to the breeder Glenna
6/23/11 bull tewrrier of america sells puppies at a much higher rate 1000 is low its usually not show quality health testing for quality breeders runs over $500 so inexpensive pups run about $1000 sheryl