Bull Terrier Questions

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Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/24/2006
i want to breed my bull bitch but i want to find out how you know when she is ready to take a dog? how do i know if she is pregnant?

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10/25/06 Call Me with Questions. I will be happy to answer. 1 BOY AVAILABLE NOW !!!!!! Let us start by getting to know each other. Let me know if you want on my "Puppy Update" list? I keep my Puppy People well informed on what is going on around this CrAzY Bully House.The main purpose of my updates are to let you new and prospective "Puppy Parents" watch and enjoy your puppy's first weeks of life so you are not cheated out of this very special and critical growth period. Besides, I can't keep all this fun to myself!!!!! Need References/Testimonials, Just ask. CLICK ON LINKS BELOW TO GO TO WEBPAGE INDICATED FOR PHOTOS & VIDEOS ONE PUPPYON GROUND!! ShAdY (1 BOY AVAILABLE, BORN 08-11-06):>> http://www.bulliesbygod.com/album/ShAdY06 IN OVEN or HEAT!!! MeLLoW--(BRED 09-09-06-DUE NOV 11th) - :>> http://www.bulliesbygod.com/album/mellow OaSiS-- (BRED 09-21-06) -:>> http://www.bulliesbygod.com/album/OaSiS LuLu-- (IN HEAT) :>> http://www.bulliesbygod.com/album/LuLu RESCUE!!! S John