Australian Cattle Dog Questions

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Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/9/2005
We have a ten week old who bites everything he can get his teeth on (especially my wife and I). We are not even able to play with him, hold him, scratch him, or pet him without him starting to chew or bite on us. Sometimes, he also snaps at our faces in an angry manner. We have plenty of toys around and try to get him to focus on those, but he doesn't seem satisfied.

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11/6/07 Are you the boss of this pup? ACD's need a boss, think of the Dingo heritage. If the puppy bits at you, growl at it, stare it in the eyes till it looks away, say "ack, ack" which is what I use with my nippy babies. If you hold the pup & it struggles (although it's an adult by now) DON"T let it go until it settles down. DO NOT let it down if it's still struggling. BE THE BOSS!! Bonita