Australian Cattle Dog Questions

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Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/1/2005
I have a 6 year old blue heeler that seems to get very lonely evan though he is not often without human company, we where wondering what the best companion we could get him to keep him company. I know that a dog is probably the best way to go but do you think there would be any possiblity in teaching him to get along with/accept a kitten (I was considering a British Shorthair as they are ment to be good with dogs).

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5/16/05 My Cattledog gets along fine with our cat, but they have always been together. I have found that when I teach my Cattledog that a new "critter" belongs here, she accepts it and protects it. Betty
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11/6/07 It IS possible for the ACD to get along with the kitty but they must NEVER be allowed to be alone. I have 5 housecats & 5 adult ACD's & I only have to worry about one of our dogs, the rest will sleep with the cats. If the dog respects you, it should listen to you so that you can call it off but remember that any time that the kitty runs around, those ACD instincts are going to kick in. NEVER LEAVE THEM ALONE TOGETHER!! Luckily the kitten will learn as it grows up not to be afraid of your Heeler & they can become good friends. Bonita