Australian Cattle Dog Questions

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Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/21/2007
I have a small block of 142m square. Will i be struggling to fit a cattle dog in a property of this size. I have a lot of children in the street and on a common fence. Is this a recipe for disaster.

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11/6/07 The question is not the size of your yard but how much excercise you would be willing to give the ACD & how much attention you can spare. They need alot of attention & can't be left alone outside all day every day. THAT is a recipe for disaster. The children will also have to learn NOT to tease the dog through the fence & if you're not spending enough time on love & excercise, the ACD will go nuts. One of my puppy owners has 2 ACD's with a postage stamp for a back yard but he spends all of his spare time with them, they are both indoor dogs & he also keeps them busy playing ball with a "Chuck-it" that he throws in the air, not out. He has 2 of the most well adjusted ACD's I've seen. Be honest with yourself about how much time & effort you could give a herding breed. Bonita