Akita Questions

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Akita Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/27/2005
I have found a stray dog that I thought was a wolf but now believe she is an akita. She doesn't seem to look like the big fluffy ones but I saw a few brindle varieties and she was an exact match. Is there any chance she is purebred? Are the brindle varieties smaller? Her tail is not as curly as the purebreds I see. and her face is not as fat with hair. She is the smartest dog I've ever met and someone trained her well but I'm afraid I probably ruined alot of it. She must have been abused because she is extremely afraid of certain people. I have a photo of Rosie but I don't know how to get it to you.

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6/13/05 It sounds like she could be but I would have to see the picture of her.If you could e-mail it to me at pattonakitas@sbcglobal.net I would be happy to see.As far as he being purebred there is know way for me to be positive. Cindy Cindy
Patton Akitas