Akita Questions

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Akita Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/2/2007
I have an akita and he came with pedigree papers,but last week i was looking into studing him,obviously he has to be a pedigree,so i sorted all of his paper work out,on checking the registrtion paper work,i noticed it was for a bitch,i hade the animal delivered from wales and there is no way of contacting the breeders,is there any other way i can get him re-registered,so that i can stud him,thankyou

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12/8/07 First of all, why would you want to "stud" him? It doesn't sound as though you have much experience with akitas and they are a very unique breed. There is a big difference between pedigrees and registration papers. The former is the dog's "family tree" and should include an impressive background. The latter attests to the fact he is the offspring of registered parents and is eligible for registration in the country of origin. Registration papers from that country must be available before they can be registered with the AKC. No one should EVER buy an akita unless they maintain contact with the breeder. And breeding involves a LOT more than just putting any two dogs together. There are many health issues involved as well as temperament problems, etc. Please reconsider and have him neutered. Jennifer
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