Akita Questions

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Akita Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/25/2004
do akita dogs have good behavior and are they really protective about family and how do you groom the dogs ?

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10/28/05 hey there, Akitas are very intellegent creatures! Because of their size, it is very important that you start them in obedience classes early on. They are very loyal and, yes, they are protective of their families. You should socialize them as much as possible - take them on neighborhood walks - puppy play groups - whatever available in your area - so that they behave around other dogs & you can enjoy taking them out to public places! There are many good Akita books at bookstores, or your local library should have some as well. They will tell you all about grooming, etc. hope this was helpful -Michelle / Legacy Akitas Are you looking for a puppy? Just researching the breed? michelle
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