Akita Questions

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Akita Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/5/2006
At what age or weight should the ears become erect? I have a female that was born 9-18-05 and has only one ear up so far.

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1/9/06 Generally akita ears come up on their own. Your puppy is still in the normal time range, just a little on the slow side. Some breeders recommend taping the ears up at 4 months if they are not up by then. You can have your vet help you with this. You can ask the breeder of your akita when ears usually come up for their dogs. Sometimes larger dogs with larger ears have them come up slower, sometimes teething can slow things down a bit, too. Going for lots of interesting walks helps puppies to use their ears more, too, which helps if they are going up and down. Best wishes to you with your new puppy. Kim and Dean
Kira Shira Akitas
1/23/06 I use molefoam (not moleskin) and a good leather glue. Cut the molefoam to fit the entire inside of the puppy's ear, then use the leather glue to glue it inside the ear. It lasts for about 2 weeks, then falls off. The ears, with the extra support, should be standing then. This avoids the tape. If you decide to use tape, make sure you use something that will "give" a bit and breathe. If wrapped too tight, you can actually lose the ear. Jill
Rosewynd Akitas