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Presa Canario

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Presa Canario

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Presa Canario Pictures
Tenjin Chisou
Posted by Jen Chandler from Illinois
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User-Contributed Presa Canario Information
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Additional Bulldog Comments
I have a five month old presa, he has a lovely temperament. He gets on his bed when told, he sits and stays. The only problem i have with him is barking at people when on the lead. I have started heal work, but if he sees some one all that work is forgotten.
- Posted by julie gunn from potters bar hertfordshire uk
Recognized By: FCI, UKC Country of Origin: Canary Islands Life Expectancy: 8 - 12 years Height Range: 23 - 25 inches Weight Range: 85 - 130 pounds Colors: Brindle and Fawn Trainability: Needs a firm owner. With Children: Good with children With Animals: Often not good with same sex dogs or small animals. Climate: Hardy, easily adaptable Indoor/Outdoor: Either Exercise Reqd: The more exercise and human time the better. Grooming Reqd: Low grooming.
- Posted by Jennifer Chandler from IL
Presa Canario Information