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Great Pyrenees

Breed Information
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Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees At a Glance
Recognized By
Country of Origin
Life Expectancy
10 - 12 yrs 
Height Range
26 - 32 in 
Weight Range
90 - 140 lbs 
White, with or without badger or wolfgray markings 
Average. Highly perceptive; his intelligence is practical and not geared toward tricks 
With Children
Excellent; very protective of family children; can be too playful as an older puppy for young children 
With Animals
Extremely protective of family pets; tends to chase other animals away 
Tolerates cold very well; can be sensitive to heat 
Loves to be indoors with family, but needs large outdoor space to claim as his 
Exercise Reqd
Moderate; happy to lie around, but needs to walk for his health 
Grooming Reqd
Daily brushing; can shed heavily 
User-Contributed Great Pyrenees Photos
The Great Pyrenees photos below have been submitted by site visitors. If you have or had a Great Pyrenees and have Great Pyrenees pictures you would like to submit, click the link below!
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Great Pyrenees Pictures
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User-Contributed Great Pyrenees Information
Below are user-submitted comments about Great Pyrenees behavior, Great Pyrenees training, Great Pyrenees health, and more. If you have experience with or just an interest in the breed, you can post your comments by clicking the link below!
Additional Great Pyrenees Comments
I have a Great Pyrenees named Maggie and a lot of people keep saying that Great Pyrenees are bad around other dogs but we have a Pit Bull and used to have a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd/wolf mix and she was great with them. But she is a little more headstrong than I thought. She knows Sit, shake, down, high-five, roll over, beg, up, spin, and heel. But she is very protective around us. She hates fireworks and cars most of all. But she is a great cuddle buddy!
- Posted by Emily from Kingsport, TN
Great Pyrenees Information

Great Pyrenees Common Health Screenings
The following health screenings are often performed by responsible Great Pyrenees breeders:

Cardiac Evaluation - OFA
CERF Screening (Canine Eye Research Foundation)
Hip Dysplasia (OFA or PennHIP)
Patellar Luxation Test - OFA
Thyroid Function Test (blood test)

Great Pyrenees Health Issues