Fox Terrier - Wire Questions

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Fox Terrier - Wire

Fox Terrier - Wire Questions
Check out the questions posted by other visitors below. To see the complete question, along with any responses, just click on the question. Or, ask your own question by clicking the link below!

Date Question Replies
3/23/09 My Terror Terrier 0
12/13/07 Ears Stand Straight Up 0
5/10/07 Query about Edothelial Dystrophy 0
12/23/06 I found a wire fox terrior...well he found me 0
5/20/06 In need of a very good grooming video 0
9/12/04 change in behavior 0
6/27/05 how long in heat 1
1/10/05 hereditary diseases 1
9/8/04 11 yo male with weight loss and vomiting 1