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Cross O Ranch Rottweilers

Breed:   Rottweiler   |   Member Since 3/17/2021
The application below has been created and posted by this member, and when this application is completed, the answers are submitted only to this member, and this member may choose to respond at his/her discretion. does not review any completed applications.
This is an application for a Cross O Ranch Puppy. I am very careful about placing my puppies in responsible, educated homes, so here a few questions that will help me get to know more about you.
Contact Information
Phone Number
Tell me about your living situation. Are you in a home? Apartment? Condo,-- rent or own?
If you rent do you have Landlords Approval for a Rottweiler on premises?
Yes      No
Does your home have a fenced in area suitable for a Rottweiler? If not please explain how you plan on giving regular to your new puppy/ If no fence do you have a kennel run?
Where will dog/puppy sleep? Indoors/Outdoors/Dog crate? Please give a brief description?
Are you familiar with if Rottweilers are accepted in your town/county? If not. Please check your local town/county to make sure before making the decision to get a pup.
How many adults are in your household? 18 and over?
How many childern are in the household and what are their ages?
Are any members of your household allergic to animals
Yes      No
Who in the household will have the main responsibility of caring for this pet?
About how many hours a day will this puppy be alone? If you live alone and work, is there someone that can check on the puppy while your away
Do you have any particular questions for us?
Do you currently have any other dogs or cats? IF SO Please list the Breed,size, and age of dogs& cats currently in your home. Are they SPAYED/NEUTERED?
Have any other animals? Horses, goats, snakes, pigs, hamsters, ect. If yes please describe:
Have you ever taken a pet to the pound or shelter?? IF SO, why?
Let me help you find the perfect Rottweiler for you. What activities do you plan on doing with your dog? __Pet __guard__schutzhund__obedience__agility__ conformation__
IMPORTANT: Please describe your lifestyle: Actvie__Passive__in-between
Do you have a regular vet? if so WHAT IS YOUR VET NAME AND NUMBER? if not. please ask friends and family for a good vet reference. It is important to have a vet lined up for anything that you may need in the future
A Rottweiler is a working dog. Do you know and understand what a Rottweiler is bred for? Tell me what you know about the Rottweiler. If you don't that much is ok, please just let me know so I can help in any way
Although we are not concerned with your PERSONAL finances. We want to make sure you can take care of your new pup. FOOS/VET care/heartworm Monthly-- if you were to get in to a situation where you could no longer care for your Rottweiler what would you do? Cross O Ranch Rottweilers will ALWAYS accept a dog back at no charge to the breeder. We never want one of our dogs to go to the shelter
Is there a certain litter you are interested in? If not please give me a TIME FRAME for when you are wanting to bring a puppy home?
Is there a certain age your looking for? puppy, Youth, Adult, Senior?
Are you interested in a Male or Female?
Where did you hear about us? If it was an online search was it easy to find?
We understand that this is just an APPLICATION for Cross O Ranch Rottweiler to access your current living condition and future living conditions of the puppy. I/We understand this is not a guarantee of a puppy and I/We understand that Cross O Ranch Rottweilers have the right to refuse a puppy to anyone for any reason Type your name as your signature if you agree