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Stone Hill Silky Terriers and Poodles

Breed:   Silky Terrier   |   Member Since 1/21/2014
Location Sanford, NC
Contact Carmen
Phone 973-219-8388
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Owner Contract
The new owner contract shown is a sample posted by this member as a representative of the agreement you would enter into prior to obtaining a puppy/dog from this breeder. It is not, nor does it imply, a contract with or guarantee by, endorsement by of this contract, or any responsibility, express or implied, by The breeder listed is solely responsible for the content of this contract and its satisfaction. For your protection, recommends obtaining a printed, signed copy of any contract.

Puppy Purchase Contract


I, Stone Hill Terriers (Carmen Stone), (seller), agree to sell a _______________ Terrier male/female on the following terms and conditions. Purchaser agrees to accept full responsibility for full care and expenses, including but not limited to all veterinary, medical, maintenance, shipping, training and general health care, as well as puppy actions and exercise. Seller will not pay any medical or health care once puppy leaves sellers property.

Description of Puppy

Whelp date_____. Sex Female_. Color_Blue/Tan . Breed_________________Terrier.
Registry_________________ and # ______________.

New Owner (Purchaser)

Name______________________________________. Phone____________________________.
City______________________________________. State___________. Zip____________.

This puppy is being sold for the amount of _________.

______ When purchasing a puppy, payment in full is required upon date of pick up of puppy.

______ A deposit of $200. is required to reserve a puppy.

The deposit is nonrefundable.

______If for some reason there is not a suitable puppy available or something happens to the agreed upon puppy seller will transfer the deposit to the next available litter. These deposits are essentially good faith deposits and are taken by seller in good faith in order to guarantee the purchaser a place on the sellers waiting list. The deposit guarantees that the pup will not be sold to any party other than the purchaser. The deposit taken shall be applied to the purchase amount. If a suitable puppy does not become available within 1 year of purchase agreement date the deposit will be refunded in full to purchaser.

Sellers Guarantee
1 This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of sellers knowledge, at the time of sale. Please have your vet check the puppy within 72 hours from purchase,not including holidays and sundays for your peace of mind.
2 This pup is guaranteed to be free of any genetic defects for a period of 1 year, if an issue arises vet statement should be provided and upon being reviewed by our veterinarian (if a legit claim) a replacement will be given and replacement is only option unless otherwise decided by the discretion of the Seller.
Puppy has had all age appropriate immunizations and de-wormings.
This puppy has been vet checked.
Seller represents this puppy to be of good quality and sound temperament.
Please be aware that stress from moving to a new home, change in diet and even water can trigger certain maladies. As does heat, teething and certain things the dog may find to eat (i.e., dirty rain water, trash, grass) All precautions have been taken by seller to insure that puppy will be in good health. No other guarantee either expressed or implied exist between seller and purchaser.

Purchaser agrees not to place said puppy in a shelter for ANY reason. In the event the buyer can no longer keep the puppy he or she return the puppy to us.In a surrender term. All puppies papers should be turn in to us also.

The seller reserves the exclusive right to cancel this agreement before puppy is picked up and return all monies if for any reason whatsoever, seller determines that the sale of said puppy is not in the best interests of the puppy.

This agreement is designed to protect the seller and the purchaser and to also safeguard the puppy, the breed and to not cause damage to the seller's reputation