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Mirage Siberians

Breed:   Siberian Husky   |   Member Since 8/9/2010
Location Gladewater, TX
Contact Elizabeth
Phone 903-261-5543
Website Click to visit member's website
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Registration:    AKC   
We are a Small Hobby Conformation Breeder/Exhibitor, and are dedicated to breeding happy, healthy, well socialized puppies. We do have Show and Pet quality puppies available on occasion. All parents have appropriate health testing (ACVO Eye exams/OFA Certifications for hips) done before being bred. All puppies have a health and genetic guarantee in their contract. ALL pet puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Please let us know when you inquire if you are looking for a show quality puppy.

Potential Owners should be knowledgeable about the breed they are wishing to add to their family. Every breed is unique and has different needs. We want to see you make the best decision possible for your family and the new pet you are adding. :0) If you are interested in the Siberian and need more information about them, please feel free to contact us! We will do our best to answer all your questions, and send you information about the breed.

!!VERY IMPORTANT!!Siberian Huskies have some specific tests that should be done on all dogs that are used in a breeding capacity. These tests are recommended by the Siberian Husky Club of America in an effort to preserve the breeds health.
The first test is an eye exam done by an ACVO vet. This tests the eyes for any genetic abnormalities, such as cataracts. There are two online data bases that list these tests results.
* * CERF * SHOR * *
Some breeders may have elected not to include their ACVO exam in these two databases. If this is the case they should have the paperwork from the ACVO exam to prove that their eyes are clear. Please make sure you have found a current exam in one of the two databases or that the breeder provides you with the exam results. Don't be afraid to ask. A good breeder will have no problem providing them for you.
The second test you need to look for is OFA Certification. This shows that the dogs being bred do not have hip dysplasia. A crippling disease. You can look up OFA results here.* * * * Please make sure you have both of these test results provided to you prior to purchasing your new companion. While there is always a chance that your puppy may still develop these problems, the best way to prevent it is to make sure the parents are clear from these defects to start with! We want you to have many happy years with your new addition. Please make sure they are as health as can be :0)Best of Luck in your search for your new companion! We wish you many long years of puppy kisses, and smiles! We know your new addition will bring you much joy throughout your life! ;0)

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