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bryshire shelties

Breed:   Shetland Sheepdog   |   Member Since 9/14/2009
Location Whitewater, WI
Contact Cindy
Phone 262-472-9383
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Registration:    AKC   
I have lived with a sheltie since 1963 & started breeding in 1970. I showed in breed & obedience from 1963 until 1997. I have retired from both full-time employment outside my home and dog showing.
My dogs live on our 60 acre property which was selected for its location. My dogs live in a kennel building attached to my home. I spend at
least half my waking hours with my dogs. I now have more time to raise my puppies being home rather than going to dog shows every weekend.The puppies are born in the house in a bedroom called the puppy room. Weather permitting, I take the puppies outside to play & start bathroom duties around 4-5 weeks old.I have done OFA & CERF testing since I started breeding.Now DNA testing is available & I have results done on dogs before they are bred.I have watched generations of my dogs go through life without health problems. I usually have grandparents, great grandparents & even some great, great grandparents on site . Currently, I have dogs over 14 years old, 7 dogs over 10 years and ages go down from there.
Although I no longer exhibit, my puppies have gone to homes where they have competed & won titles & awards in obedience, agility, herding and tracking.
I endeavor to breed healthy, intelligent, trainable shelties who adhere to the breed standard .
My dogs are fed twice daily on a raw food diet. Puppies are fed three times daily. Puppies are vaccinated at 9 weeks of age.Every puppy goes with a packet of information which includes a 4 generation pedigree, care instructions, vaccination schedule, feeding fact sheet, written sales contract, and AKC registration application. Puppies placed as companions & pets are sold with limited registration.
I have always been willing to rescue dogs from my breeding program if they are at risk of becoming homeless & unwanted. However, I attempt to place my dogs in "forever homes" because shelties bond so intensely that rehoming is stressful for them.
Interviewing potential adopters of my puppies and adults is ideally done in person.

Cookie & Jeanie
our pups love toys
Barry is 6th generation & sire of new pups
Connie is behind most of our pups
basket of puppies
Trevor. Photo by Karl
sable female , Anita
no toy is too big to carry
tri-color puppy
blue merle puppy
sable girl playing
shaded sable female pup
typical sable puppy
another fun loving puppy
our puppies love to play
puppies outside playing
Tri-color boy, Amos
our dogs are good together
Amber in snow
Cookie in April
our dogs are so patient
Valerie is small and quiet
Valerie is a couch potato
Jeanie at 8 months
Amos is waiting
Amos is ready to play ball
Sterling at 6 weeks
Sterling loves the outdoors
Roadie & Izzie
Ellie & new pups
Ellie's pups at 1 Week
pups in a sleep mood
Ellie & Rocco kids
Ellie's son Jack, 8 wks
Ellie's pups, 8 wks
Kerry & pup
9-14-2012 pups
Scottie, age 11, pups grandpa
Barry, fall 2012
Dolly, Barry & their sire Scot
Dolly, age 8
Silver, our blue merle gal
Kerry & Barry's litter
Rocco,age 2
Mister, 9 years old
Kerry's first litter
two girl puppies
2 boy pups
girl born 9/21012
Ryan, Kerry's son
Aaron,Ellie's son
Aaron in April
typical sable boy pup
some of' sable pups
Ellie on the move
Ellie & Rocco
Mister, sire of Ellie
Ellie's son at 6 weeks
pups & their aunt Dolly
Ronnie at rest
Ronnie found a stick
Kerry & Silver
Silver ,, our blue merle beaut
4 boys at 3 weeks old
Goldie's 4 sons
Indy loves to cuddle
Handsome Sparky
Brothers playing
Star is very well marked
Striper enjoys his toy
Sparky, 6 weeks
Sparky, 6 weeks
McDuff is a little guy
McDuff at 3 mos.
McDuff is looking at you
McDuff wears plaid
Goldie & Rocco kids
litter of 7 at 6 weeks
rainbow litter
tri-factored sable & blue merl
litter of colors
Bella with her tri daughter
Bella with her pup
nursing pups
Bella's new pups
Bella's 5 pups
blue girl & her brother
Aries at 6 weeks
puppies sleeping
Aries's face
Bella's kids
Mitzie has many toys
Mitzie's sweet face
Mitzie at 4 mos
Mitzie is very friendly
pups born 5/29
Roxie's tri sons
Goldie's son
tri pup from Goldie
Kammie is so sweet
Bunny at 12 wks
Bunny has great markings
Bunny's mom
Bunny at 3 mos
Bunny is ready
Morgan is a looker
Morgan aT 8WKS
Caryle is very special
Bunny is watching
Bunny at 4 1/2mos
Rosie at 3 1/2 mos
Rosie's big white collar
Meghan before snow
Meghan is well built
Meghan in sun
2021 litter
Bella's 5 sons
Bella, a beauty
Scout, new father
Scout,son of Rocco
Touche pups at 2 weeks
Jet pups at 2 wks
Brynn, blue merle
Brynn at 10 WEEKS
Brynn, 5 mos
Brynn growing up
Scout Around Town
Georgia , new Mamma
Scout, son of Rocco
Cookie wears a toy
Cookie at 3 mos.