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Mythic Labradors, LLC Reg.

Breed:   Labrador Retriever   |   Member Since 8/26/2007
Location Malabar, FL
Contact Gary & Laura Altizer
Phone 321-676-5221
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Owner Contract
The new owner contract shown is a sample posted by this member as a representative of the agreement you would enter into prior to obtaining a puppy/dog from this breeder. It is not, nor does it imply, a contract with or guarantee by, endorsement by of this contract, or any responsibility, express or implied, by The breeder listed is solely responsible for the content of this contract and its satisfaction. For your protection, recommends obtaining a printed, signed copy of any contract.

Below is a partial sample Contract from our Riley X Splash Litter born 08/2008. (we were not able to load our entire contract)(please contact me for an indiviual litter contract for a specific puppy)

2) We agree to the following conditions set forth below by the breeder for the betterment of the breed and the protection of our Labrador Retrievers. These conditions are as follows to ensure that all of Mythic Labradors are safe and placed in a loving home.
3a) Crate training, however, is an important aspect of your Labrador’s training and should be utilized. This dog will not be chained or tied, but shall be able to freely move about and exercise in an ample space befitting its breed. Further, this Labrador Retriever shall not be trained as a guard or attack dog.

b)You do hereby state that you are purchasing this Labrador Retriever as a companion and shall provide for it as a member of the family. In addition, you are purchasing this Labrador Retriever as a Pet and agree to abide by the terms stipulated herein to comply with the socialization of this dog.

c) You agree to provide this Labrador Retriever with quality food, ample fresh water, and considerate companionship on a daily basis as a family member. You further agree that appropriate veterinary care with regular shots (annually) and wormings will be provided regularly.
d)You have been instructed by the breeder that socialization is extremely important in the proper rearing of a Labrador Retriever puppy to become a temperamentally stable adult dog and canine good citizen. I/We, by the signing of this contract, do hereby make absolute promise that this Labrador Retriever puppy shall receive socialization with people and other dogs on a regular basis.
e) Buyer agrees not to start strenuous physical exercise or training (roadwork/jumping etc) of puppy until it has reached a minimum or 12 months of age. This is to prevent this exercise or training from damaging puppy during formative developmental stages. Buyer acknowledges that failure to meet this requirement will invalidate the hip/elbow guarantee as outlined below.
4) Should, at any time, this Labrador Retriever be mistreated by reason of abuse or neglect the breeder reserves the right to take back immediate possession of the dog without reimbursement to the owner. Should this clause need to be enforced, the owner shall forfeit the dog's AKC registration papers to the breeder within 2 days of the breeder taking possession of the dog.
5) Breeder retains the right to visit, or have someone visit, the dog periodically for the purpose of determining what the litter produced or to just check on the dog's welfare.

6) The purchaser agrees to notify the breeder if they change address, or telephone number to allow the breeder to keep track of the dog.
7a) If [for whatever reason] the purchaser can not or does not wish to maintain custody of this Labrador Retriever [at any time during it's lifetime] ownership shall revert directly back to it's breeder, including all AKC papers. At no time may this Labrador Retriever be sold, given, or ownership transferred in any way, to a third party without expressed written, signed and notarized, agreement from it's breeder.

b) The breeder may choose to refund the owner monies if the dog is resold. The owner understands that the breeder will take into consideration the dog's age, health, and temperament conditions in the reimbursement price of the dog, and that the refund price shall be minus the breeder's expenses incurred on the dog. Buyer understands that an older dog can not be reimbursed for the same price as a puppy and many times older dogs are "placed" and not resold.

c) In the event that the dog has not received adequate socialization or has health concerns not related to its breeding, the breeder may use any refund due the owner for rehabilitation for the benefit of the dog. Copies of receipts shall be provided to the original owner upon request. In any, and all, cases; both parties agree that the very first concern shall be for the welfare of the dog.
d) The breeder will provide, to the new owners, a three generation pedigree, a signed AKC (American Kennel Club) registration or transfer, a written statement of health by a veterinarian, and a record of inoculations and worming along with all health clearances on the parents.
8) Mythic Labradors shall not be held responsible for acts of puppy once it is in Buyer’s possession. Buyer shall indemnify Mythic Labradors from any claims or obligations arising from acts of said puppy, including but not limited to the direct or indirect results of buyer’s failure to properly train or control the puppy.
9) Your Mythic puppy is eligible for American Kennel Cub ("AKC") registration, and we will provide you with the AKC registration forms needed to register your pup. The puppy’s name must contain “Mythic’s” or “The Mythic’s” in the prefix of it’s name. It is up to you to submit the forms to the AKC in a timely manner for the purposes of registration. Upon receipt of the puppy, s/he will be eligible for AKC Limited Registration. What this means is that s/he will be registered as purebred and be eligible to compete in AKC events (with the exception of conformation), including but not limited to obedience trials, hunt tests, agility, etc. S/he WILL NOT be eligible for breeding with limited registration. *If you are interested in showing your puppy, separate arrangements will need to be made with the breeder.

10a) For the protection of the breed, the health and well being of this Labrador Retriever , and the protection of the Labrador Retriever population, the new owner realizes that this Labrador Retriever is sold with limited registration and will not be allowed to be bred and shall never be allowed to produce a litter. The new owner hereby agrees to spay or neuter this puppy before its 8 (eight) month birthday.

b) Within 30 days of completion of this procedure the owner shall supply the breeder with a, hand signed, letter from the veterinarian on their Clinics Letterhead.
c) If you Fail to comply with the Spay/Neuter Provision you agree that if these conditions are not met within the time frame described herein, then the following conditions shall apply:
d) The breeder has the right to take possession of the dog and have it spayed/neutered by their kennel veterinarian. Copies of all receipts will be provided to the owner. Upon payment of these receipts, which shall include breeders transportation and lodging, the dog will be returned to the owner. Should receipts not be paid within 30 days, the owner shall sign ownership of dog back over to the breeder, including all AKC papers.

e) In the case of extenuating circumstances where the dog can not, or should not, be spayed/neutered at that time, the owner shall provide the breeder with a veterinarian's statement of reason and this shall include a probable time for which the procedure may be completed.
11) The new owner has the right to, and is advised to by the breeder, have this Labrador Retriever examined by a veterinarian of their choice, within 72 Hours of taking possession. If within 72 hours the Labrador Retriever is found to have a hereditary condition that affects the quality of the puppy’s life, the pup can be returned at your expense with a written explanation from your veterinarian along with paperwork for a full refund. Any and all veterinary fees are the responsibility of the buyer.