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Breed:   Boxer   |   Member Since 8/20/2006
Location Eastover, NC
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Owner Contract
The new owner contract shown is a sample posted by this member as a representative of the agreement you would enter into prior to obtaining a puppy/dog from this breeder. It is not, nor does it imply, a contract with or guarantee by, endorsement by of this contract, or any responsibility, express or implied, by The breeder listed is solely responsible for the content of this contract and its satisfaction. For your protection, recommends obtaining a printed, signed copy of any contract.

Pet Puppy Contract

AKC Reg Name:____________________________________
Call Name:_________________________________________
AKC Reg No:______________________________________
Sex: M F Color: Fawn Brindle White w/white markings: Y N
Sire of Puppy:______________________________________
AKC Reg No:_______________Color:__________________
Dam of Puppy:_____________________________________
AKC Reg No:_______________Color:__________________
Whelping Date of Puppy:_______________________

Phone Number:______________________________

Phone Number: H:________________W:________________

Purchase Price of Puppy:________________
Deposit Amount Received:_______________
Cash____ Check_____ Check # _________
Date of Sale:__________ Date of Possession:_________
Balance:_________(Cash Only or Money Order)
Paid in Full: Y N Initials of Breeder(s)___________
(All Deposits are Non-Refundable)

Should this puppy or adult dog not work out in the buyer(s) household for any reason, be it family, health problems, allergies of the buyer(s) or their children, divorce, moving, birth of a child, or non fulfillment of contractual obligations of buyer(s); the puppy/adult is to be returned immediately to the breeder(s) with no arguments or exceptions.

Should the puppy/adult be returned to the breeder(s) for any reason, then this will be done at no expense or cost to the breeder(s). Buyer(s) will pay any and all actual expenses for the return of this puppy/adult to the breeder(s) residence. All monies received for placing this puppy/adult in another household will be kept by the breeder(s). This puppy/adult is NOT to be given away or sold to anyone. That includes relatives, friends, neighbors, or strangers, unless breeder(s) have been given first choice through buyer(s) notifying breeder(s) and given breeder(s) the option of taking puppy/adult back. If there should be a tragedy of the buyer(s) such as a death or physical inability to care for this puppy/adult, then this puppy/adult is to be immediately turned over to the breeder(s). If any part of the above sections come to pass, then buyer(s) will sign off/over the AKC papers of puppy/adult AKC#:_______________ Buyer(s) accepts full responsibility for proper care of said puppy/adult once it leaves the breeder(s). This includes, but is not limited to: *Maintenance of a proper diet (Breeder recommends --Natural Balance--) *Taking puppy/adult to qualified veterinarian when warranted. *Keeping puppy/adult up to date on all required shots. *Keeping puppy/adult as an indoor dog/house dog, and member of the family. *Provide adequate training and socialization. *Preventing any type of abuse including tie-outs, extended periods of crating without relief, electronic collars or the like, and chaining. *Prong Collars: The use of prong collars are not recommended for everyday use and should only be used only for training under the supervision of a reputable, professional dog trainer. *NO ACEPROMAZINE is to be administered to this puppy/adult for any reason. Advise your vet of this stipulation, as this drug has been known to cause death in boxers. Also, NO LEPTO vaccines are to be administered until at LEAST 1 year of age, if ever. Puppy must be micro-chipped before reaching 6 months of age, and when microchip is registered, breeder must be listed as secondary contact in case of the dog becoming lost. (Provide information to list here.)


It is understood that this puppy/adult may have one or more faults that may prevent it from being shown in AKC conformation events but will in no way effect its health or fitness for companion purposes. Puppy/adult is still suited for exhibition in performance events such as obedience, agility, and participation in such events is encouraged. With rare exceptions (as noted below), this puppy/adult is co-owned & sold with a limited registration. Limited registration allows full participation in all AKC performance events but does not allow progeny to be registered. Limited registration may be changed to full registration status at a later date if breeder(s) decides the puppy's development warrants. In such cases, an amended contract will be drawn. Breeder/Seller will retain AKC papers until proof of spay/neuter is provided. It is expected that pet puppies will be spayed/neutered prior to coming in season or sexual maturity. Buyer(s) to bear all costs. This is done to prevent accidental pregnancies and for health reasons. Owners of males will find that their male will be a much nicer pet if neutered early on. This pet puppy MUST be spayed/neutered. In signing this contract you agree to this stipulation. Purchase Agreement: My purpose for purchasing this purebred boxer is for companionship only. I understand that should the following terms outlined below be ignored or disregarded, I will be in breach of this contract and I agree to pay the seller a $2,000.00 (Two Thousand Dollars) per incident fine. I also agree to forfeit ownership of the animal back to the seller, and if necessary transfer and sign all registration papers back to the breeder/seller, and pay all fees incurred returning the animal to breeder/seller.

The terms that constitute breach of contract and will result in a fine and forfeiture of ownership are: 1. Allowing this dog to reproduce. 2. Selling or giving this dog away without written permission from seller/breeder. 3. Knowingly allowing the animal to roam unattended as documented by a police or animal control authority. 4. Neglecting or abusing the animal as documented by a licensed veterinarian, police or animal control authority.

When given proof of spay/neuter (vet certificate) breeder will provide puppy/adults AKC papers. Any and all amendments herein after shall require the initials of both breeder(s) and buyer(s). This contract is legal and binding with the transfer of ownership of said animal. Any disputes will be settled in a court that the SELLER resides and will be bound by the laws of seller's county and state. Any deletions to this contract shall be struck out and initialed by buyer(s) and seller. No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract, except those stated within this contract. If any one word or clause in this agreement is broken by the buyer(s), then the remainder of the contents within this agreement are still valid and does not break this agreement between the parties signed below. Should the buyer(s) and the breeder(s) of this agreement end up in a court of law, then the buyer(s) hereby agrees to bear any and all court costs and attorney's fees for both breeder(s) and buyer(s), Any court proceedings will be held in the state and county of the breeder(s), and buyer(s) will return to the state and county that the breeder(s) resides in. _________________________________________________
Signature of Owner(s)/Buyer(s) I/we,_______________________________and________________________
(Printed name of buyer) (Printed name of co-buyer) have read the contents of this contract set up between us and the co-owner(s)/breeder(s), and agree to follow and abide by all the contents of this agreement as set down on this paper.

Date signed:___________
Names of owner(s)/buyer(s)_________________________________________
City, State & Zip _________________________________________________
Phone # Home and Work:__________________________________________

Co-owners/Breeder(s): I/we, __________________________________ and ____________________
do hereby agree to abide by all the contents of this contract with the aforementioned owner(s)/buyer(s), in a fair and just manner. Date signed:_______________
Signature of co-owner(s)/breeder(s) ________________________________ ____________________________
City, State & Zip__________________________________________________
Phone # Home and Work:__________________________________________