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Feather Oaks Bulldogs

Breed:   Bulldog   |   Member Since 11/3/2002
Location Burlington, NC
Contact Steve Price
Phone 336-570-1803
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Health Guarantee
The health guarantee shown is posted by this member. It is not, nor does it imply, a guarantee by, an endorsement by of this guarantee, or any verification of this guarantee by The breeder listed is solely responsible for the content and satisfaction of this guarantee. For your protection, recommends obtaining a printed, signed copy of any health guarantee.

This agreement is made on ________(date) between the following seller(s) and buyer(s):



The Buyer(s) have purchased the following AKC registered English Bulldog puppy from the Sellers:

AKC Registration Number


Date of Birth



Date of purchase

The Sellers certify that the English Bulldog puppy described above is in sound health at the time of sale, and has been given all vaccinations and wormings stated on the vaccination record provided to the Buyer(s).

The Buyer(s) agree to have this puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours from time the puppy is either picked up or arrives by airplane. Failure to do so voids this health guarantee. If the veterinarian examining the puppy does not find the puppy to be in good general health, the Buyer(s) agree to provide the Sellers a written, signed statement from the examining veterinarian detailing the findings. In this case, the Sellers agree to resume possession of the puppy, and the Buyer(s) may choose either (1) a refund of the full purchase price of the puppy, or (2) to apply the purchase price as credit toward another puppy. The Sellers reserve the right to confirm the diagnosis with a veterinarian of their choice.

Furthermore, the Sellers guarantee the puppy to be free from any significant health-threatening congenital or hereditary conditions for a period of one year. If any such condition is found by a licensed veterinarian, and supported in writing, the Sellers agree to resume possession of the puppy, and the Buyer(s) may choose either (1) a refund of the full purchase price of the puppy, or (2) to apply the purchase price as credit toward another puppy. The Sellers reserve the right to confirm the diagnosis with a veterinarian of their choice. Additionally, the Sellers reserve the right to require the Buyer(s) to provide substantiation of any such congenital condition with X-rays and/or laboratory tests.

The Buyer(s) agree to provide an adequate, climate controlled indoor home for this puppy, due to the Bulldog breed’s tendency to overheat. The Buyer(s) further agree to keep all vaccinations current, including rabies, and to provide regular periodic heartworm preventative as prescribed by their veterinarian.

The following are NOT covered by this guarantee:
• Reimbursement for veterinary expenses
• Reimbursement for air transport or return
• Any expenses or damages in excess of the purchase price of the puppy
• External parasites, such as ticks or fleas, or their effects (your puppy has been bathed with a gentle anti-flea puppy shampoo and has been given the best of care and cleanliness, but it would be possible for him/her to pick up a flea or two during transportation)
• Internal parasites, such as intestinal worms, or their effects (almost every puppy has some sort of intestinal worms; although we have wormed your puppy regularly, it only takes a few days for him/her to pick up another “batch.” That’s just a part of puppyhood, which is why a recommended worming schedule is provided.)
• Any inheritable trait not affecting the puppy’s health, such as color, ear set, or height.
• Any injury or contagious disease, or any condition related to such injury or disease, beyond the initial 72 hours.
• Any condition which can be easily and permanently cured or corrected with no significant long-term detriment to the puppy

Buyer(s) should understand that, due to the nature of the breed, Bulldogs are predisposed to certain medical anomalies, and that a normal Bulldog may have one or more of these conditions during its lifetime. The Buyer(s) is urged to research the breed and be familiar with all the health issues that could affect their Bulldog before entering into this or any agreement to purchase a Bulldog.

Buyer(s) understand that the vast majority of English Bulldogs have hip joints that appear imperfect on an X-ray. As reported by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, nearly 80 percent of English Bulldogs have hip dysplasia as diagnosed by X-ray, and no English Bulldog ever tested had hips rated “Excellent.” However, the majority of English Bulldogs are not significantly affected by hip dysplasia from a symptomatic standpoint. The Sellers have all their adults examined for joint soundness by a veterinarian experienced with the breed and only breed adults with functionally sound hips. Therefore, this guarantee cannot cover hip dysplasia diagnosed SOLELY by X-ray, as that is not a complete indicator of the actual well-being of an English Bulldog. This guarantee DOES cover a hip dysplasia diagnosis if it is symptomatically debilitating and cannot be treated or corrected.

Buyer agrees that, should they be unable to care for this puppy at any time during its life, they will return the puppy to Sellers. Sellers agree to take this puppy back at any point in its life. Sellers will then find or provide an appropriate loving home for this puppy. Any adoption fees obtained by the seller would then be reimbursed to the Buyer(s).

Although this puppy has been bred to be show quality, no guarantee, written or implied, is made with regard to this puppy’s conformation or show performance. Furthermore, Buyer(s) agree that Sellers are not to be held liable for any acts of the puppy.

This guarantee is for the purpose of covering the puppy’s physical health. There is no implied warranty of fitness for specific purpose or function.