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4/2/2014 8:50:07 PM
Posts: 14
I have tried to contact by their web form, by email and on FaceBook and I'm beginning to get pretty frustrated by the lack of response. What does it take to get you people to ANSWER questions from longtime members?????????????????????????????????????????????
6/12/2014 2:04:08 PM
Posts: 2
I had this same problem. I started sending emails to back in late 2013. I was very concerned that my membership fee was basically flushed down the toilet. I had not received any inquiries whatsoever to my breeder listing or my paid puppy announcements for months. I began noticing that basic Google searches for key words pertinent to my breed never resulted in any links. After five months of emailing and refusing to renew my annual membership in February, I finally received a reply in April. I was given a small extension of my membership as a trial to see if the problem could be resolved to my satisfaction. I have noticed that I am still not receiving inquiries, and I went in to my account. I found an inquiry from April that was never sent to my email. I just did a test inquiry, and the email I sent never showed up in my mail. It did, however, show up in the Mailing List folder. I have my email SPAM settings adjusted to none and have checked my SPAM fold