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Current Replies for Hip dysplasia question
5/8/2013 4:18:36 PM
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I'm new to this site and am so concerned for my boy KoKo of 10.5 years now. He's my rescue,a Lab/pit/Doberman? He has Ben the best boy and I am adhere he has this ailment,he has had it for over a year,doesn't complain,doesn't limp,itI've him Novax at night 8pm before bed and he does wonderfully,however sometimes at around 3am he walks up wining,I ask the vet if it could be the,meds wearing off he didn't seem to think so!? I have a wonderful young vet that's up on all the latest.He saved my other boys life from another vets wrong diagnosis of Cushing disease. What's odd is when I explain the other symptoms my boy KoKo has the vet I have now that saved my other boy,said its a possibility KoKo could have early signs of cushiness due to the high proteins content in his urine.Ok,,,,,, ,here's my concern.Koko wakes up some nights crying what is concerning me the most is this! He will not stop licking his hind end,it just doesn't stop! I'm wondering if its because his one hip side,the socket
7/1/2014 10:32:18 PM
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Hi, can you give us an update on Koko?
7/2/2014 6:42:18 AM
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Yes, how is he doing?