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Current Replies for Dating and dogs
11/3/2012 11:12:29 PM
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Hi, I have a wonderful Golden Retriever named Bill. He's great with people, and plays very well with other dogs his size, but he can be a little rough with small dogs. I've been dating my girlfriend for a little over 6 months, and she has a Chihuahua. We went to the dog park together a few weeks ago, and Bill was trying to play with Chico, but he was kinda rough with him and now Chico is terrified of Bill.

We have talked about moving in together, but I'm concerned about how Bill and Chico will be together. Bill is only trying to play, and I don't think he understands that smaller dogs can't handle his size. I'd love some suggestions for helping them be happy and safe together!
7/1/2014 9:23:00 PM
Posts: 47
Unfortunately, you may have a tough time with this. If your dog is not showing any aggression, just normal play, the reality is that your girlfriend's dog is a lot smaller and may not be able to handle play at that level.
7/5/2014 8:10:00 AM
Posts: 16
I have a Golden Retriever also, but Kraft has always been very careful around smaller animals. This is tough... maybe you could get some small stuffed toys for him and go through some training exercises to teach him to be gentle?