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Current Replies for What we have been up to...
4/23/2010 12:24:15 PM
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Its been a couple of years since i have done an update.

Rescue has been busy, more so, because folks are dumping dogs at a higher rate, and adoptions are down. Sad fact of life, but we try to keep up with it as much as we can. 800 IG's were taken in by our group last year, and that is just a portion of what came in nation wide, as other IG rescue groups pick take in the rest.

Everyone is current on Health testing, and our Paris, was one of the first CC to get a CHIC number, after the ACCC came out with a criteria for getting one. We were thrilled that her DNA PLL test came back as normal! Since the advent of the PLL test 7 months ago, there has been a flurry of testing, and a downturn in breeding plans as we all wait to see who comes back as carrier/affected. An eye injury sidelined permanently our CC puppy, and we had to neuter him and place him in a pet home. This was very disheartening for us.

Our IG's have continued to do well. Cece is currently the #3 All breed IG in the nation, and in the top ten based on breed points for AKC. She has only been defeated 3 times in 30 shows, and has picked up a Group 1, 2 Group 2, 2 Group 3, and a Group 3 in the AKC. She has 4 Group 1 and a Reserve BIS in the IABCA, and is currently the #1 IG in the UKC for the 2nd year running, with over 28 Best of Breeds, multiple Group awards, and 2 Best in Show. Cece also pulled off the ONLY sextuple header in our breed....winning 6 Best of Breeds in 2 days, at different shows. We raced the 40 miles between events to accomplish this. We had a hoot doing it, and the hosting clubs thought it was awesome that we were attempting it.

The statue we commissioned a few years ago, of our first IG Imp, was entered in an art show, where it won Best in Show. The statue was purchased and donated to the AKC Museum of the Dog, where it is part of a permanent display. We were very proud of that little statue, and the original along with the model reside with us.

Umpty, our little BBE IG, has been introduced to Lure Coursing and has rapidly taken a lead in that sport. She had the highest score her 2nd time running, over multiple BIF titled dogs. Amazing acheivement for a little 12lb dog

Our newest litter, turned out better than we could have hoped, and all 6 puppies wound up in show/performance homes. We are eagerly awaiting to hear of their success!Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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4/23/2010 4:05:30 PM
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Busy busy! You are always so busy! Congrats on all your successes and joys... including the things that while less joyful are helping a life