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Current Replies for problems with breeder in nancy kentucky
4/23/2010 8:45:55 AM
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has anyone had problems with a lady that breeds minnie aussies in nancy kentucky would like to hear back from anyone and what problems that you have had.
5/4/2010 1:16:20 PM
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Problems with a Mini Aussie breeder???? Really?
5/7/2010 10:17:19 PM
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Not sure what issues you had, but:

The first issue I see with this is "mini" (aussie).
5/12/2010 10:20:26 AM
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if you have had a problem then comment if not keep your remarks to yourself I need not tell you what kind of a person you are you should know by now I am very sure that you have been call it a lot in your life
5/12/2010 2:30:06 PM
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You come on here, asking about "problems" with a breeder of Mini Aussies, and then your shocked when someone makes a negative comment about the breed?????? When you post on a public forum, you are opening yourself up for all kinds of commentary.

I agree. Mini Aussies, altho cute, are horribly inbred. AKC does not recognize them, and the AKC breed club has no intention of including them. Even the UKC breed club booted them out and told them to make their own club, and the UKC has no intention of letting them back in because ...if memory serves me right...the size is a DQ in the Aussie breed standard,...ergo the Toy/Mini Aussies are not registerable in the UKC. I know that fight is ongoing.

Only place i know they can show is IABCA, and i have seen dozens of them at these shows. Most...are extremely shy, and badly behaved. IF i had been the judge i would have withheld awards on well over half the entry of over 35 dogs....based on bad temperaments alone.

Now i have seen a few nice ones...emphasis on "FEW".

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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5/13/2010 4:50:03 AM
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Well Mini's are controversal..
IF you are looking for some help with "quality" of the breeder.. here are some suggestions.. this may or may not include this breeder..

Minis do carry a large amount of "aussie" parent stock.. although a seperate breed now.. they share similar traits.. they are HIGH energy working dogs with strong guarding and herding insticts.. just because they are "smaller" does not give them deminished drive or energy.. they like their larger "cousins" may or may not be suited to companion homes, aprartment life.. they are NOT suited for a home looking for a couch potato, or do not want a dog that needs daily interaction and training..
Did this breeder say they are a smaller "easier" version of a Aussie?

Big warning sign..

First off a "mini" aussie CANNOT be registered with either ASCA or AKC.. There is NO size variety.. but there have been "mini" aussies that where are so called "registered" with both because the breeder has made a choice to advertise their dogs as "mini" or also dual register them with the mini club as minis.. even though this is a VIOLATION..
Are their "mini" aussies AKC or ASCA registered? As above this is against the rules.. so cannot BE..

Aussies are pretty healthy, and minis share similar ancestors.. but a MUCH more limited gene pool.. Hip, Eye, Elbow issues are commmon enough that OFA, ANNUAL CERF exams are the standard.. before breeding..

Are their breeding dogs at least 2 years old, do they do these things on their dogs before breeding?

Epiplepsy and cancer is common, so carefull evaluation of the pedigrees are in order.. Have they done this, or just started breeding a dog they had?

CEA Collie eye anomoly.. and PRA is more common in mini's then "aussies" so DNA testing should be used..
Are they tested?

Any good aussie breeder or any good breeder warentees their dogs for AT LEAST 2 years for hip and eye issues.. many also..for FAR longer and many other things.. Do they offer this?

If a breeder states their dogs are "show" quality.. keep in mind you cannot show them in AKC or ASCA events.. but they should also have dogs that they actually show..
Do they have CH on their "show" quality dogs?

If a breeder states their dogs are working dogs.. their dogs should be working.. and the breeder can show proof..

DO they even own stock? or even work their own dogs on stock?

A breeder should be willing and able to take a dog back for its lifetime if you can no longer keep it..

Do they offer this, or pretty much sell the dog and say goodby and good luck and do not care if RESCUE has to take the dog in if you cannot keep it?

Do they always have puppies? or lots of litters? volume does not indicate quality.. aussies and MINIS are not suited for MANY companion homes.. so each litter it can be very hard to find the right homes for each pup..they are not the All around dog for everyone.. so this does put a serious limit to the number of puppies one can produce.. unless they really do not care if it is a match..

There are a few "good" mini breeders.. do some they are VERY popular with the commercial, large scale breeders..that make up at least 75% if not more of the ones I have seen..

Expect a level of quality, and concern.. and ethics from the breeder you get a dog from.. and if it is not there.. walk away..