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Current Replies for What's Normal?
3/14/2010 3:12:19 PM
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We adopted a male, wirehaired terrier mix as a rescue two weeks ago. His age has been estimated at 1 year to 1 1/2. ALthough one vet thought he might be as young as nine months. We have a wheaton terrier mix, also a rescue for two years, a female. The newbie seems to play agressively, constanly putting his mouth around her legs, grabbing her fur. The wheaton is very, laid back and tolerates it. Sometimes she iniatates play, but the boy really gets rambuntious with her. I have not heard any growling or yelping. The new guy seems to want to do the normal chewing, mouth nipping on me. WHich I tell him no. Should I be interferring with his puppy nipping at the other dog,or just let them handled it? The new guy has shown some serious aggression toward other dogs while walking in thepark. Big barking, growling,lunging, showing teeth. SO I think I'm a little afraid of his aggression potential. We have worked so hard with our other dog, who was abused, to get her to feel safe, that I'm concerned if this dog might become too aggressive. I know it's only been two weeks, and the poor boy came to us sick with kennel cough and had just been neutered. SO he has had a lot of adjustments, being a stray, the pound, a resuce group,. AM I overreacting? I do have an appoint this week with a trainer re the leash agression. But I just feel discouraged. I have never had a dog that showed any agression whatsoever and I feel a little worried. SHould I return him?
3/15/2010 4:21:38 PM
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Not being able to actually see the dogs or actually know the dogs, this is a tricky thing to answer but I will put in my 2 cents:

I think most of the time it is in the dog's best interests to work things out for themselves, ESPECIALLY if they will be living together. As it really sounds as if your wheaton is not upset by this, I suspect that it is just rough playing. Some humans just don't understand that dogs rough house in ways that look vicious. Your wheaton girl should let him know if he has gone to far with a nip or a growl. Unless you see this behavior and the pup keeps going at it, I would let them go. If you are the constant referee then it will take a longer time for them to work out what their relationship is going to be like (and you can project your anxiety to the dogs).

I always hate it when I take my dog to a dog park or a friends house and the dogs start to playing and the human 'parents' become involved because it simply looks vicious. Biting, jumping, barking, running... it's all a part of normal dog play