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Current Replies for He Forgot He Was Housebroken!
3/14/2010 8:58:56 AM
Posts: 4
I have a 5 month old male pom. Beautiful black with white spoted toes
I had him within "inches" of being house broken!
This dog would ring bells we tied on the door knob whenever he had to "go".
Recently took him on a trip out of state with us. My wife and I were extremely impressed with how this puppy handled the trip.
Ever since we have gotten back, He acts like he has never been house traind in his life!! He messes all over the house. I even tried crate training him all over again. NO LUCK!!!
Just today he jumped on my couch and while laying down he peed all over it!! WHILE LAYING DOWN HE DID THIS!!
If I can't get this problem fixed quickly, I will have to give him up. This will break me and my wifes heart
Can anyone help??
3/15/2010 4:29:35 PM
Posts: 253
For starters, I would make sure he doesn't have a Urinary Tract Infection or something like that. Especially with the evidence that he peed while laying down it sounds like there is something wrong and I would suspect health issues. Dogs don't normally choose to pee on themselves. My own dog got one around the same time frame as yours and he would pee on himself in the crate after he was housebroken. UTIs are easily treated with antibiotics.

Second, he IS a YOUNG and SMALL BREED dog... even at 5 months old. He is still growing and developing and he will have back and forths on his training until he is at least a year old, maybe two years. Small dogs take longer than large dogs to potty train simply because their bladders are smaller. I know that before you brought your puppy home you researched this breed extensively and that you were prepared to deal with a bit longer house training than you would have with a big dog... hang in there, it will happen. 5 months is actually very good!

If you have taken your dog to a vet and ruled out a UTI or similar problem, go back to the basics: crate training, keeping on leash, not letting him out of your sight. He learned it once, he'll learn it again.

Another option for the short or long term is to put diapers on him. It will at least keep the pee off the floor and furniture.