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Current Replies for Border Collie
3/3/2010 4:37:13 AM
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I have a question, we have a 5 year (human years) old Collie/puppies.html>Border Collie and we
are having some issues that we would like to try to fix. Recently he has
been spraying certain places in the house. Basically, it has been the kids
toys. We have recently moved and things have been hectic. We have 3 dogs,
2 kids and one on the way. He has not gotten a lot of time and the new home
that we have now, does not have a fenced yard like our old one (too cold to
put up a fence right now). Is his behavior a lack of time from us? Also,
he has no job and I think that is an issue. I would like to get him a job
as well. When he was a young puppy 1 incident I think really ruined him in
terms of playing and for 5 years now, he does not play. When he was around
a year old we were in the back yard playing and we were playing with a ball
that he would chase and bring back to me and then I would throw it (I
thought this was going to be his job like our other Collie/puppies.html>Border Collie). He
accidentally grabbed the wrong ball and popped a brand new soccer ball of my
sons. I yelled at him very briefly but the damage was done. From that
point forward he has never chased a ball again and he has never played
outside. We have tried a few things to get him playing again but no
success. We are dog lovers and hurt about these 2 issues. Can you help or
send us somewhere that can?