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1/31/2010 7:26:44 PM
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Buyer Beware!

****** *. ******* of ********** Kennel in ** ****** *******, MO sold us a female blue merle Australian Shepherd puppy for $600 with an upper respiratory infection and parvo. The puppy died exactly one week after the date of purchase. ****** has refused to refund the cost of the puppy or offer us another puppy. She has broken her written contract which guarantees her puppies to be free of major health diseases—including parvo. ****** has avoided us since the purchase of the puppy and refuses to honor her contract. We have contacted various agencies to notify them of the situation and the breach of contract. This short paragraph is only intended to save others the pain and sadness we’ve been going through. We are completely willing to work with ****** *. ******* of ********** Kennel to resolve this situation. She is unwilling to do so.

Buyer Beware!
1/31/2010 7:29:19 PM
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I am aware that this paragraph has been called hate speech, slander, violent, and argumentative all over the internet. I ask you to be fair when considering this paragraph. I hold no malice against ****** *. ******* of ********** Kennel. I only ask that you consider my story before purchasing a puppy. What good is a review of a breeder on various websites if you can only place 5 star reviews?
2/1/2010 12:22:34 PM
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First of all, i am sorry for the loss of your puppy.

Next. You have to understand that the vast vast majority of online listing services for dog breeders and puppies are owned and operated by Puppymillers. Ergo...the breeders listed are usually of very poor quality.

Its the internet, they can make all kinds of claims, but sadly it is up to the buyer to check out information. I know one breeder makes false claims of titles on their dogs....only those who really know this breeder, and how they work, know that there are no titles on the dogs. But to the unsuspecting buyer, it looks good, they believe the BS lines posted, so.... Like the saying goes...there is a sucker born every minute.

As for your contract, it is not up to various agencies to enforce your contract, its up to you. IF you have followed your contract to the letter, and it is a copy signed by both you and your breeder, then contact a lawyer and sue.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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2/3/2010 4:03:23 AM
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Sorry for your issues, your only option is to report the issue to the state vet, and perhaps look into the puppy lemon laws in the state.. I don;t believe there are any in MO.. unfortunaly unless you can get a document that your puppy was "sick" and unfit for sale.. on the day of shipping.. you may find there is little you can do.. that puppy may have been exposed, and not sick yet.. or possibly could have been gotten sick after sale.. with a one week time frame.. it is "possible" that the puppy picked up the virus somewhere else,, after sale.. too..

unfortunaly not knowing the excact details.. but having looked at the the "warrentees" that are at least listed on their wepage cover GENETIC defects that CAUSE the death of your puppy for 12 months and they only offer a REPLACEMENT..not a refund.. since 99.9% of the time a dog WILL not die of a GENETIC defect.. unless the owner choses to put the dog to sleep.. the benifit of such warrentees..who knows but that is their is a buyer (your) decision to aggree to such terms.. did the contract actually State "parvo"? parvo is not genetic.. so would not be covered,, she may on a legal standpoint not be responsible for anything.. as for other things not contacting you.. well not everyone out ther feels any responisbily to their buyers after sale.. not a uncommon thing when breeding dogs is a Busness Vs a hobby and love.. they do have it on their website the breed dogs for the pet is their buisness.. and they not have any information about their involvement or intrest in doing anything else.. so not slander..
Cold news I am sure.. but it all comes down to the contract you signed.. and current laws out there.. as far as a code of ethics, or how a breeder treats their buyers or what followup they offer is not regulated.. some choose to do things one way.. some others..sad fact but true..

Kind of curious.. with all the what to look for in a breeder information websites.. including the ASCA and USASA website..
Such things like at least a 2 year warentee.. for hips and eyes, Lifetme support and takeback, Health testing before breeding (hips and eyes) and someone who seems to have a serious involvement and intrest in doing more than just breeding.. and since there are SEVERAL breeders listed on this website that offer 2-5 year warrentees, include lifetime takeback.. include Viral issues.. and frankly have doumentation for HIP and Eye health clearances on their dogs before breeding.. participate in events.. are members if USASA and ASCA.. etc etc.. what made you choose this specific kennel or breeder?

2/21/2010 6:35:06 PM
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Sorry to say, the contract is as good as T.P. to wipe your nose on, if the breeder is not honest. Do research, on every type of dog the breeder raises! If it says "pups usually available", puppymiller for sure. Even if it's in the contract some breeders won't take them back no matter what, they just put it in there to looks good!! Put her on , and there's another one, list everything, her website, name, address, phone, all the breeds she raises, even put a seperate complaint in for every breed, put your story on there.