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Current Replies for pregnant dog jumping
12/28/2009 7:33:59 PM
Posts: 2
Help!!! I have a Bulldog that is pregnant. She is in her 6th week now. She will NOT stop jumping up. She jumps up to me when I arrive home, When she is outside for potty breaks, when she sees the kids, etc. I am starting to get worried that she is going to harm the puppies. I asked the vet and she told me that she will stop when it becomes uncomfortable for her...meanwhile I am concerned about the puppies! Any advise is appreciated!
12/30/2009 3:10:36 PM
Posts: 137
Well, if she normally acts this way.. and is happy and not to big to do it.. she will be fine..

As the vet said, if it is uncomfortable for her she will stop..this generally protects the pups.

The pups should be fine.. with this in a normal health dog carring a healthy litter..

12/30/2009 6:04:44 PM
Posts: 97
Don't worry the puppies will be fine!
12/31/2009 6:12:14 AM
Posts: 2
Thank you both for the reassurance. I am no longer allowing her upstairs as I am concerned that she will try to jump on the bed (they are pretty high) and keeping the doors to the bedrooms shut just in case. She always has bouts of high energy and its usually when one of the kids comes home from school or when I first come home. She is rounding out quite a bit so I think we may have a large litter. I just hope she starts behaving like she is preggo and hope she stops the jumping soon because we still have 3 more weeks.