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Current Replies for Storm Anxiety
12/12/2009 7:46:19 PM
Posts: 409
One of my bitches is afraid of storms. She wasn't too bad as a puppy, but with age has gotten worse. She is two now and unless crated at the hint of a storm, she whines and paces and generally drives me crazy.

She has a litter right now and I'm afraid that she'll pass this along to it. What have you all used to help adults calm down?
12/13/2009 4:52:58 AM
Posts: 1904
i try to keep something on in the house....TV, radio....that is fairly loud so that the sudden storm affects are not quite so noticable.

I had an elderly girl...that i resorted to giving Rescue Remedy, and YES, if they want to crate...i crate them...because that is where they feel secure.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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12/15/2009 4:06:48 AM
Posts: 137
IF she is pregnant or nursing.. I would not give her anything.. no way to know what the effects on the pups would be..

Also if pregnant.. not a good idea to try to work on this issue now.. studies show that stress on the bitch increases cortisol production along with other stress hormones.. this can effect the puppies and make them more reactive.. effect "brain" development..

If you can start sound desentitation on the pups as soon as their ears open.. without distressing the bitch.. I would suggest it..Keep im mind a low sound level.. and a little push on their devloping brains goes a long way. so do not over do it.. louder sounds are reserved to when they are a bit older..
I do it as part of my puppy exersises as a regular practice.. this is in addition to superdog excersises.. Found that so far no storm, thunder, or sound phobias.. and had puppy buyers comment on the fact too.. but on a side note.. I actually do look or ask about such things in my pedigree reaserch. I spend months looking at behavior and temperment issues or quirks of the entire pedigree or of any dog I breed or stud dog I use.. so hard to say how much I am doing or what the dog is born with.. There is plenty of reaserch to show that doing such things helps, and does effect development.. so I do them..reguardless..

you have conception to placement age to work on this so can have positive effects on the puppies..

Good luck

12/15/2009 4:10:38 AM
Posts: 137
Oh when I say not work on the issue.. I mean do what makes her most relaxed.. if a crate is needed use it..

So not try to make her work it out.. or try to desentize her at this point.. do what you need to do to keep her calm.. if you have to sit with her pet her or do somthing to distract her do it..worry about reinforcing the behavior later.. right now she needs to be kept as calm and relaxed as possible when pregnant.

12/15/2009 5:38:20 AM
Posts: 409
Thank you both for replying. She can't be told it's okay or petted when wound up about a storm. I tried having her sleep with me (in Bed) when she was little, but her anxiety vibrates off of her. She is only comfortable in a crate during storms. I wouldn't mind that - it's just a quirk - but she has a litter on the ground (1 pup) and I don't want her to freak the puppy out. In a few weeks it won't matter, as at that point I can put the puppy in her own crate (or just have playtime) while letting the bitch have her crate.

We have winter thunderstorms here sometimes. I want to get ahead of this if possible.