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Current Replies for Dog Foods- Please share
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9/3/2009 9:12:51 AM
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Can you all share which dog foods you use with success. Im looking for a brand that is healthy but wont break my bank. I have 5 big dogs and im currently using Nutro max Beef and giving raw meat.It works well but rates bad. I need big bags, I can't do the 30 pound bags, I need 40 pound bags or 35 at the least. Diamond rates better then nutro but we get horrible results with diamond same with kirkland. Any breeders out there found a good rated brand that comes in big bags and has good results with, Im dieing to here. I currently pay $35 for a 35 pound bag of nutro that rates not so great but give good results.
9/3/2009 1:36:58 PM
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depends on where you are and how the dogs react to it, but facts are, good food is not cheap.

I easily pay anywhere from 40 - 50$ a 25lb bag for the premium foods i feed.

There are some even i cannot afford to feed anymore when they went from 50$ for 30lb to 75$ for 30lb.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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9/3/2009 4:57:04 PM
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Hi, I've been using Lifes Abundance dog food for my Yorkies. I had used other premium food for many years. When we had all the recalls I was scared off using them. This one has never had a recall. It is formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a Vet, and has alot of healthy ingredients. It does cost - like a premium food does- around $40 per 40 lbs bag, breeders price, plus shipping. But it is shipped freshly made to your door. To me, its high quality makes it worth a premium food price. There is a link comparing its ingredients and other dog foods on my, if youd like to read it. My dogs seem healthier and have much less waste since Ive been using it.
9/5/2009 6:32:13 PM
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Taste of the Wild dog food is grain free and I get it for 38$ a bag(35lbs). My 80 lb. lab/Boxer mix gets about 2 cups a day, compaired to 4-6 cups of a non grain free food.
9/6/2009 8:34:19 AM
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We breed and train German Shorthaired Pointers. We have 7 adults, only 3 are breeding dogs. We use PMI Exclusive. Chicken and Rice. Their website is We have used it for years and get great results. Healthy dogs with a great coat! It is about $33 for a 35# bag here. Great food!!
9/8/2009 5:08:01 AM
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If you are having good results.. Then why change?

Just a thought..

I have known breeders for years that raised HEALTHY long lived dogs on some brands of food that would make most people stare... Hmm.. Yes there are some really crap foods out there.. this is true.. but there are many foods "not" rated well because of ingredient profile, ideas that may or may not be valid.. and marketed on the new trendy ideas too..

Each dog is diffrent.. for me.. My dogs do Complety AWFUL on a diet that does not conain some sort of grain.. Try looking for a food with good WHOLE ingredents.. ideally a high meat baised protien.. and from a company that has a GOOD track record for feeding animals..

Right now I feed a combination of a "traditonal" kibble.. yes with grains.. that is made by a company that is highly reguarded for producing good animal feeds.. add to that I can pick it up right from the factory.. in my state.. I add a bit of a "raw" diet.. not because it is raw.. but unlike many raw diets it contains not only muscle meat/bones but INTERNAL ORGANS..and not Fruits/Berrys etc.. but good old fashoned.. grown up animal parts... It actually is cheaper than most canned foods,,, and adds a higher meat portion to their diet.. variety and some benifits for oral health too..

Good luck...
9/8/2009 11:31:26 AM
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I am feeding 4 adult Mastiffs and 3 other dogs so I go thru a lot of food! I am hugely committed to quality dog food, even at the high cost. I do have a few brands that I use and can keep my costs under control (just a bit!)

Premium Edge
Taste of the Wild
Canidae (my dogs do not do well on this though-it's a bit too rich)
In a pinch I will feed Diamond Naturals but nothing below this in the Diamond line.

My small dogs put together could make a 35lb bag last for a month or Mastiffs go thru one in a week. even with the smaller amounts fed because of the quality. It's expensive to have large dogs all the way bills are often higher etc...I don't think people always think about that when they choose a huge/large breed You have knowledge that you can share with people when they are thinking about different breeds!
9/28/2009 8:32:11 AM
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I have tried many brands, each with some undesirable effect on my Chesapeake Bay and Chocolate Lab. I have switched to raw meat (with vegetable additives) and have eliminated all the "kibble baggage". The dogs no longer have gas, the strong dog smell is gone, stool is firm and 40% less in volume, no bloating and both dogs have increased energy. Price of the raw meat (chicken, beef, lamb, etc.) is the same as kibble because by volume the dogs require less raw meat than kibble.
9/29/2009 3:50:37 PM
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I'm also using Taste of the Wild for my Boxer, Molly... she loves it, & we've never had a problem with it.

I admit I wince a little bit whenever I buy a premium dog food, but the cost difference is absolutely worth it (in some cases, obviously).

Then again, I just purchased this for Molly: it shows you where my priorities are.

10/1/2009 10:52:10 AM
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We have several large Dobermans and tried Nutro when it was recommended by another pet owner. After 7 months feeding Nutro (2 years ago) we noticed the number of pups in our litters had diminished, the puppies were weak and small or stillborn, and the milk produced by the mother was thin and there wasn't a lot of it. Our studs were also siring small litters with other females not eating Nutro. We returned to our previous diet of Southern States dry adult and puppy food and the litters returned to the normal 11-12 pups, much bigger and healthier individual pups.
Over the last several months, we experienced the same signs as the 7 months of feeding Nutro, only to find that Southern States had changed their formula and is now producing a very poor substitute for food, in smaller, more expensive quantities. As soon as we caught the signs about a month ago, we started feeding Diamond Brand foods, and have seen a major improvement, again, in the quality of our dogs and in the one litter whelped in that time period. We have not settled on a particular flavor-type of Diamond food yet, but we will be working with this brand unless we determine there is a problem and need to change again. At least that's what works for us.
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