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Current Replies for Canidae causing loose stools?
7/7/2008 7:57:35 AM
Posts: 112
Hey all, It seems I remember (but can't view old posts) a topic about Canidae causing loose stools. Any body else had this problem? Did it go away in time or did you give up on the food?

I am constantly trying to find a super premium food that is reasonable enough to feed Mastiffs! I like the ingredients but am not liking the "end" results with the Canidae.
7/7/2008 9:00:44 AM
Posts: 4
The following are foods that I have used and the "end" results:

Solid Gold Wolf King=good stool=dogs liked it=expensive

Chicken soup for doglover's soul=stool stayed loose=dogs liked it=reasonably priced

Eagle Pack Giant Breed=good stools=dogs liked it=reasonably priced

PMI Exclusive=good stools=dogs liked it=reasonably priced

My main stay now is PMI Exclusive, I like the ingredients, I like my dogs coats, their stools are firm and small..just over all like the product. I switch every four months to another brand for a few months, recently I have been trying Eagle Pack with good results. I too have big loveable Mastiffs. Food is a big issue with me, trying to find quality, premium dog food that is healthy for them and wont break the bank has been a mission of mine, and will always be an ongoing mission, if you come across something, I would love it if you would share it with me.

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's much too dark to read. ----Groucho Marx
7/7/2008 10:16:05 AM
Posts: 409
I have fed Canidae for a couple years now and the only time we see loose stols is when we feed too much. The guidelines on the bag are right on -- if i give 1/2 cup more I see it in the quality of the stool. The exception to that is for bitches in whelp and they seem to be fine with the larger portions.

Switch over very slowly, or add pumpkin or sweet potatoes to the food.
7/7/2008 1:36:58 PM
Posts: 112
Will do! I am always searching foods. And just when we find one the dogs and I love the dog food company will change their ingredients! It's really difficult to find quality food for giants (when you are feeding more than one dog.)
7/15/2008 7:58:31 AM
Posts: 3
HI,I breed Scottish Terriers . I use to use the Canidae food. I have also used Chicken Soup, Eukanuba, IAMS, Solid Gold. None of them impressed me .. I hated to clean up bad loose , smelly stools! YUCK>. I found this site while online .. I bought this food and have loved it. I am disgusted that I can not find it in any store and have to buy it online.. I believe this is a POM breeder. I have had nothing but great luck with this. Perfect stools and NO SMELL> You should try this.
7/15/2008 8:38:35 PM
Posts: 22
It is ironic that you posted this when you did. We have been feeding Canidae to the majority of our dogs for a few years now and recently they have all had loose stools. We are in the process of switching them to the Chicken Soup brand, so we will see how that goes. I also have a Neapolitan Mastiff that has been eating Solid Gold Mmillenium as recommended by her breeder. She has had terrible stools and when I recently contacted her breeder about it she said that she had had the same problems and switched hers to Pedigree. I just finished switching her food over and not only does she love it (she didn't seem to "love" the mmillenium) but her stools are 100% better.
7/16/2008 5:00:01 AM
Posts: 1904
I have used Canidae on and off for 7 years now. Since i always use a mixture of kibbles, they are never on the same kibble for longer than 3 months. Canidae is in the mixture right now, and i have had no problems with loose stools until i introduced a new food called BG (which stands for Before Grain). This is usual when a totally new food is put in the mix for me.

Canidae is my base mixer at this point. It is always in the mix, and 2 alternative kibbles are alternated thro the mix. I notice right away if the dogs condition changes or they refuse to eat, i know it is the new kibble, and i just do not buy that brand again.

Wellness and its associates are out permenantly due to too many manufacturing changes on the part of the company. Timberwolf is out simply due to the fact a 40lb bag cost 65$.

I wish the dogs liked Eagle Pack Holistic, cause the sardine gives their coats a wonderful shine, but they seem to hate the taste.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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7/16/2008 5:40:38 AM
Posts: 409
canidae just recently changed their formula for the lamb and rice, and I think it's even better than before. My picky girl will eat it faster and everyone now has tight stools.