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Current Replies for Fairs? Auctions?
6/12/2008 6:21:15 PM
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I have a question and would just like some opinions or if anyone knows more info. My friend was telling me today how she was interested in getting another dog from me but her family told her to not buy another akc dog from a breeder (I guess to save money and/or rescue a dog, not really sure). Apparently a family friend volunteers time at shelters and with rescues and told the family that she can get an purebred, akc registered dog of basically any breed at "fairs" that they have down in the southern states (we are from PA). My friend didn't know all of the details but was relaying the info to me to see what my opinion was. First she said it was some type of fair, which I told her sounds ridiculous, what honorable breeder sells dogs at a fair? But then she added in that she believes they sell cattle and pigs and other livestock there as well. I sounds to me like an auction and I know that puppy millers often sell and purchase dogs in that fashion. I just don't see how a good breeder that truly cares for their dogs would ever sell them in that type of situation, akc or not. My question is, has anyone ever heard of these "fairs"? Am I right in thinking that it is probably an auction selling animals to benefit puppy millers or am I wrong? Again, any opinions or info is greatly appreciated.
6/16/2008 6:28:17 PM
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You right. It just benefits puppymills.

Serena Galloway
IGCA rescue Colorado

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6/23/2008 4:27:15 AM
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<P>I am really questioning if this friend actually "works" with resuce??? or is she jsut saying this for some type of ego trip? </P>
<P>Yes there are somtimes adoption fairs held by shelters.. </P>
<P>But most "fairs" and Auctions are where puppy mills brokers and such buy and sell breeding stock and puppies for the mass market..somtimes they are open to the public.. sometimes you have to have a USDA licence and buisness licence.. and yes they often sell farm animals and equipment at the same time...AKC is only a registry.. and it has nothing to do with a dogs quality or quality of breeder.. some may be AKC or a combination of several other paper registries that have started up because the AKC cracked down on specific breeders for fraud.. </P>
<P>this sounds like what she is talking about.. so this is a bit of a worry.. if she ever worked in a shelter.. and suggesting this?? don't  buy a dog from a reputable breeder.. but go get some dog that is a result of the puppy mill/broker market?? </P>
<P>Heck how about all the purebred dogs in RESCUE?????  even at the place she voulenteers at??? what the heck.. sorry I know she is your friend.. but if she is actually going to be as stupid as to use her voulenteer status as a qualification and recommend going to a puppy mill aution.. then someone give her a slap for me... GEEZE.. </P>
<P>Just so you know.. It is against EVERY breed CLUB code of eithcs to sell dogs this NO legitimate reposible breeder does this..  no legitmate breeder will sell a dog to someoen without a exptensive amount of time talking with them..Email, phone and ideally meet in person..heck most do not ship pet puppies very often.. so this can be a red flag too.. Any breeder is going to spend time talking with a buyer to determine if 1) they are a good home, 2)good pet owner, 3)and if the breed in question is actually a fit for that home.. all dogs are sold on  contracts.. pets to be spayed and neutered.. and show/breeding prospects only if several health clearances show wins/titles have been attained.. most breeder will take a dog back for its entire lifetime.. and also warentee their dogs for SEVERAL YEARS for genetic issues common in the breed.. not just one year.. or two... </P>
<P>So no this is NOT where reputable breeders sell their dogs.. I would recommend they consider rescue.. or take some serious time deciding on a breed talking with a lot of breeders and doing their own reaserch.. find a responsible one.. vs taking this friends advise..</P>