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Current Replies for pregnant stray golden found please help
5/26/2008 10:38:32 AM
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Hello All,
I hope someone can provide me with some helpful insight. I recently found a stray Golden by my place of work. I had seen her several times on my way to work running loose (running along side busy, fast road). She showed up at work, very timid and hungry. She is also pregnant (wide belly, nipples swollen, waddles when she walks). I do not know how far along she is. I live in Southern Arizona, and could not help but take her in due to fact she is pregnant and the climate here is brutal. I felt that having her puppies in the desert is certainly not ideal. She has a lovely temperament, seems healthy other than the ticks I have taken care of. The problem is I have 2 other dogs. I have not had any experience with introducing a pregnant dog, so I have not intergrated her in with the other dogs. I rotate her and my dogs inside & outside so they can see each other thru the sliding glass door. I also have a wire crate and all seem to be getting use to each other (no real curiosity anymore). However, I am still hesitant to intergrate. We (my family) would love to keep her but we don't know how to manage her pregnancy and our two other beloved pets. I have considered contacting our local no-kill shelter for possible assistance during the pregancy. I could try to keep her here through it but if there is a problem during the labor process my lack of knowledge and experience could be dangerous for her and her litter. I am really torn and need some advice. I want to do what is best for her with the least amount of stress to her. I have been researching the whelping process online since I brought her home. That has given me more cause for concern as I never knew how many things could go wrong. I am normally very confident in my abilities. I am doing the best I can, but am so ill equipped here. Please help.
5/28/2008 5:03:42 AM
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Have you ever read the label on a bottle of aspirin? The side effects they list are awful -- no one would ever take aspirin if they read the bottle. Whelping is much the same way. Awful things could happen, but normally they don't.

You're doing the right things by first coming to her rescue, keeping her safe and comfortable, and keeping her seperated from your other dogs until she whelps. She will need a few basic things for whelping -- a baby pool works very well for a whelping box (and it's easy to clean) and old towels or blankets for bedding.
6/8/2008 4:19:25 AM
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<!--ToastEdit--><font face="Verdana" size="2" color="Black"><P>I know it has been a while since you posted.. But at least call the local animal control.. </P>
<P>Several reasons.. one it is possible this dog has a owner looking for her.. </P>
<P>Despite her being there several days,, and looking like a stray.. </P>
<P>A Friend of mine had a dog run off on her one morning after a deer.. .. this was a best in show winning bitch, her partner for agility, herding and such.. this was a long haired dog an Aussies.. and groomed for a  show that weekend when she ran off.. . she was gone 24 hours.. when she turned up.. at a local school.. they assuemed she had been abandond and a teacher almost kept her.. but decided to call animal control.. all they saw was a dog no collar, matted muddy fur covered with ticks.. it was Animal control that scanned her and found her mirochip.. the truth is she was wanted back very badly by my friend.. but you know It only took a few hours for her to make a complet mess of her overall look and pick up every bug in town.. look like a abandond dog.. so it is possible somthing similar is up with this dog.. </P>
<P>If the owner is not found.. it is possible they may be able to help out qute a bit.. both in support and knowlege. and perhaps expenses.. yes dogs can whelp normally but there are still signifigan expenses.. food vaccines and such, and could add up pretty quick.. if she has problems with delivery.. and needs surgery.. She needs to see a vet ASAP.. her vaccination status is unknown.. so at least a heartworm test is in order.. perhaps even an x-ray to know how many pups, how far along.. have her cheked over.. this is a expense you will have to take on if you keep her..  even if all goes well she needs to get up to date.. and puppies will need vet care too..</P>
<P>I personally have $3000 in a emergency fund for every litter.. that I set aside.. I do use most of this fund.. even when every thing goes well.. to give you an idea..</P>
<P>Hate to be really negitive.. you do not have or know if she current on her rabies.. this is a health concern to you.. also what if she has some virus or diease that puts your dogs at risk? somthing one really must consider.. she needs to be isolated from other dogs.. ifor her protection and theirs.. is this something you can handle? </P>
<P> </P>
<P>So in any event.. it is resposible to contact the local help.. reguardless.. often if there is no owner.. you will have the option of keeping the dog if you wish.. but you would not have to shoulder the resposibilities and cost of such a action on your own.. I know as someone who cares.. it is the best decision to do so.. you admit you have no understanding of whelping pups.. so don't feel guilty seeking help!!!.. </P>
<P>Good luck.. </P>
<P> </P>
<P>Amanda </P></font>