Yorkshire Terrier Questions

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Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 4/23/2009
Does anyone know if having surgery to fix patella luxation on both hind legs will be a fix for my dog or just temporary?

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5/25/09 There are so many ideas on this matter. I would reccomend you only have them fixed if they are in pain or cannot put their back legs down on their own. You also need to find a vet who has performed this surgery more than a few times on yorkies and only do the one that is causing the most trouble first. Don't do both at the same time. You also must leave this dog up for the duration of healing time to get it to be worth the surgery. I would not do the surgery unless it was a grade 4 or higher ask your vet what grade it is. 1 is rock solid 2 is that it moves a little from side to side 3 is that it pops in and out you can feel this when you are holding the knee and 4 is when it pops out and the dog holds up its back leg until it works it back into place, or you have to put it back in place. Patty
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