Weimaraner Questions

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Weimaraner Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/18/2006
We just had 12 puppies on Halloween everything was going good until I took one to the vet to get him weighed. They told me he had a hernia on his stomach and he needed surgery and he was going to get sick soon and his intestines were going to fall out of the little hole in his belly. I was told by a friend that her dog had one and he's fine. I would like to know if anyone has experienced this and what did you do? Thank you!

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12/21/06 I bought a puppy that had a hernia. I took the puppy to the vet for surgery. Now you cant tell at all that there was a hernia (approx 1 year later) If I were you I would have the vet perform surgery and remove it. Jim
5/24/07 We have two very experienced Vets. Both agree that if the hernia is very small it may close on its own by six months. If it is larger you need to have it fixed. Hernias are listed as a common problem in this breed, however, if you screen your parents you should not have too many of these. There is a great article in NAVHDA Magazine (I believe spring 2006) that discusses hernias and when to be concerned about them. I hope you can get that article. It was the best information we have ever seen. Cliff
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