Weimaraner Questions

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Weimaraner Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/3/2004
i just need to know if the weimaraner's are good with children and other pets.

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9/17/04 They can be, it depends on the children and pets. If the children are taught to be respectful of animals and can learn to leave the dog alone when they need some quiet time, they can be very good with children. They get along well with other breeds of dogs, but may be questionable with other animals - cats, rabbits, birds etc. Christine
Cheyenne Weimaraners
1/31/05 I have two small children and two cats. Mojo is great with all of them. Mojo is at my retail business every day greeting families at the door with tail wagging. Kids easily take the bones and balls out of her mouth and play with her. It's how you traint he dog. Sheri