Weimaraner Questions

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Weimaraner Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/17/2006
Do most breeders dock there tails? Can you chose to buy one without having it done?

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9/17/06 Most likely you would have to be in contact with the breeder before the puppies are born. The tails are usually done around three days old. Also you would have to prepay for the puppy as most breeders will not take the chance of you changing your mind. Kathie
5/24/07 Since the breed standard in America is a docked tail it becomes more difficult to find a Weimaraner with a full length tail. All Long Hairs should be left with a full length tail. If you want a smooth coated Weimaraner with a short tail you may be able to find a breeder willing to leave a tail intact if you prepay for the puppy. The problem is normally breeders like to select puppies based on temperament and in our case hunt drive so it is hard to single out a puppy at three days of age. Normally we dock tails at 3 days. Cliff
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