Weimaraner Questions

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Weimaraner Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/12/2006
Is it common for this breed to have in-grown hairs (like many short hairs) or pimples? If they do get them what is the best solution to get rid of them?

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5/24/07 Veterinarians disagree on the causes but yes this breed does have this problem. It is mostly like a Canine acne and you can treat it as such. One Vet suggested acne cream to dry the blemish. The accepted norm to deal with these is cleaning and making sure the food dishes are sanitized. Often these blemishes occur on the face and it seems that switching to a stainless or possibly a ceramic dish will help. Also keep the rim of the food pan sanitized. Normally these blemishes occur in younger Weims with a less mature immune system. After they reach a year or so old normally these diminish or disappear entirely. Cliff
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