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Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/27/2012
We purchased a puppy from Charmed Tibetan in the New York state. After 7 days, the puppy started showing signs of distress, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with Parvo. When we informed the breeder, she replied with a nasty two pages email filled with threats and bullying tactics to ensure we wouldnt pursue the case. Shes indicating that she knows lawyers and warning us not to try anything against her. Furthermore, we realized that the puppy had never been seen by a vet like she indicated. She gave the vaccinations herself. Which recourse is best to ensure she does not sell other contagious puppies? We don't want to see more families fall victim of her. As we're battling to save our puppy's life, the last thing we want is to receive threats by a bully, irresponsible breeder. Parvo is very contagious and should be great cause of concerns.

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12/5/12 The local health department in the county that the breeder lives in usually would follow through on this. I would contact them with your problem. I hope your puppy survives. You should also be able to be reimbursed for your vet bills. Let us know how things turn out. Lorraine
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6/18/17 hello we sell good puppies and very good condition pay me via paypal are you agree? Ernie
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