Schipperke Questions

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Schipperke Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/8/2004
I have raised and lived with a Corgi (she's almost 12) and love the breed (and her of course) - I am thinking though, that someday, when Sayja is gone, i'd like a smaller dog - a dog easier to pick up etc. I've always loved the Schipp - just from seeing them from afar, and don't know much about them. I've actually heard that they never rest - won't ever sit on a lap etc.How does a Schipperke compare with a Corgi - energy level, trainability, barking, would a Schipp make a good "therapy" dog to take to hospitals etc. or are they more of an outside dog. I have a yard, but want a dog that will like being with me, in the house - with walks and play every day - and a dog that will sleep in the house at night (probably on the bed!!) I do have a job and am gone up to 9 hours, 4 days a week, which is no problem for my Corgi - she has the run of the house AND yard while i'm gone - and in winter time, gets to come to work and stay in my truck (canopy on the back) with visits from me on breaks.. I guess what I mainly want to know is - can I live with a Schipperke and do other things too, like sit and read!!! or, as i've so often heard - is a Schipp so demanding and hyper that they are impossible to relax around? (I am also a couch potato!)Thanks! Summer (please email me directly - don't know if I will find this site again.)

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